City bars get permission: Govt allows bar dancers


Bhubaneswar: After lots of controversies the government has cleared the ban on unrestrained participation of girls to dance in city bars, granting permission to as many as four such bars to allow bar dance.

The case which has been under the scanner of the excise and revenue department after six bars were served closure notices earlier on May 2014 was lying undecided ever since.

After some bar owners protested the government’s decision and promised safety and dignity to the girls engaged therein the Revenue Council cleared the ban while notifying the matter for the perusal of excise department.

But the permission has come under certain conditions with a committee being instituted under the chairmanship of Home Department Secretary Asit Tripathy. The Committee includes Excise Secretary and Twin City police commissioner among other members to keep an eye on the case.

Some other conditions like mandatory ID cards for the dance girls, regular police inspections in the bars, and installation of CCTV cameras inside the bars have also been asked to keep up.

According to information, there are 12 such bars in the town where unrestrained bar dance was reported. The bars were seen openly flouting norms. As per regulation laid down by Section 25 of Odisha, Bihar Act, 1915 girls or women cannot be engaged in dancing inside a bar.

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