Cipla and Hetero launch generic versions of remdesivir, shares spike


New Delhi: Cipla and Hetero, on June 21, said they had launched generic versions of remdesivir.

Cipla share price spiked over 7 percent in the morning trade on June 22 after the country’s drug regulator on June 20 gave permission to Hetero and Cipla to manufacture and market antiviral drug remdesivir.

Cipla launched its verion of remedesivir 100 mg vial (injectable) under brand name CIPREMI, while Hetero launched the product under the brand name COVIFOR.

Cipla has not disclosed the pricing of the drug, Hetero said it would supply its version of remdesivir at Rs 5,000- Rs 6,000 per vial.

Hetero has said it wants to ensure the five-day treatment or six vials should cost not more than Rs 30,000 per patient.

The Indian health ministry protocol says the Gilead’s antiviral drug may be considered in patients with moderate disease or those on oxygen.

The protocol advises giving the drug against people with liver disease, kidney failure, pregnant or lactating women, and children under 12 years.

Remdesivir usage is for five days, 200 mg IV (intravenous) on day 1 followed by 100 mg IV daily for five days.

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