Chronic Pain and The Importance of Physical Therapy


The role of physical therapy is unique in treating severe pain. Urgent care clinic near me could be the answer to chronic pain. Patients who have experienced prolonged periods of severe pain are always unable to keep the pace of a healthy Lifestyle or even achieve the general fitness of their body hence the importance of wellness clinics. 24-hour urgent care or the urgent care clinic near me is inevitable to correct the weakened joints and tissues because patients with severe forms of severe pain are often unable to cope even in the lightest touch or even in areas that are not associated with the original sensations of pain.

Therefore in cases of such nature, the need of drop-in clinics is noble; if not urgent care clinic near me. In this case, there is a need for the physical therapist to interact with the patients in the first place in order to achieve a level of trust and belief. The urgent care clinic near me must be able to lead to positive results in that a reduction or minimal pain is achieved and that there will be progress even if it is slow, so long as it’s steady. Pain that is chronic and has been present for more than one year may take more time before reasonable improvements are realized; therefore there is need to celebrate and build on small successes to achieve a longer-term positive outcome.

In order to establish trust and confidence drop-in clinics or even urgent care clinic near me must be able to determine levels of sensitivity to patients with a hypersensitivity to touch because they often require gentle hands-on treatment. 24-hour urgent care light massage, stretching and even gentle traction can be good in treating pain. In the event that the patient is able to withstand this process well, additional modalities can be introduced like moist heat, hydrotherapy, therapeutic ice, ultrasound and electronic stimulation which are good in relieving pain and can also reduce inflammation, edema, and even relax severe and muscles that are spasmodic. After realizing that the patient is comfortable with this stimuli, a gradual intensity exercise program may be introduced. If there is a persistence of pain, drop in clinics are the best.

For instance, patients experiencing pain at the shoulder, often tend to cope well with exercises for affecting the core. In the event that the issue is back pain, lower extremity exercises can be effective. The idea here is to get the patient comfortable with creating a routine and then a gradual increase in the intensity of exercises and then eventually focus on the painful areas themselves. Drop-in clinics are always important because patients with chronic pain are always found in a cycle of avoiding the pain that leading to inactivity. In the end, this creates a lifestyle that is unhealthy hence reducing strength, endurance, and motion to overall confidence. If the usage of drop-in clinics is not maximized then the patients become more vulnerable to injury and inability to go through the healing process.

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