Chitalagi Amavasya Today! Here’s All You Need To Know


Puri: Chitalagi Amavasya is observed in the Shraban or Shravan month in Odisha. Chitalagi Amavasya 2021 date is August 28.

It is a festival dedicated to Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of Odisha. It is one such festival that falls on the new moon day of the Shravana masa (August).

On Chitalagi Amavasya day, a special ritual is held at Puri Jagannath temple. The forehead of the murti of Jagannath is adorned with a golden mark known as Chitta.

The word Chita in fact means decoration of forehead with special materials like Chandana, musk, and gorachana etc. But in this case, Three magnificent Chitas (ornaments of the foreheads) are made of Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

A special variety of rice-cake known as Chitou Pitha (like Pancake) is given to the deity as a food offering. This variety is also prepared in every household of the Odias of the coastal districts.

Chitalagi or Chitou Amavasya is celebrated throughout the State in every Odia household.

In rural areas, this is more or less observed as an agricultural festival. On this occasion, the farmers worship the paddy fields. After a purificatory bath in the morning, they go to their respective paddy fields with cake, flowers, milk, etc, and pray the fields to yield a good crop.

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