China encroaches Nepali land in Humla district


New Delhi: China has illegally constructed villages in Humla district in Nepal as part of its strategy to expand territory.

But the state media has denied the allegation saying that the region falls within its territory.

Nepal’s opposition, reacting on the Chinese land grab, said that Beijing has suspended permission to the trucks laden with food supply to Humla district.

Jivan Bahadur Shahi, who is a leader of opposition of Karnali Province, said that people in Humla, which is his home district, are suffering due to Chinese presence in the area.

While Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-government has denied the allegations, the opposition leader has confirmed that China has erected a pillar without consulting Nepalese officials about such issues.

Whenever a new pillar has to be set up at Nepal-China border it should first be settled in coordination with the officials of both sides. However, by occupying the area and erecting the pillar, China has breached this principle.

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