China delivers multi-role JF-17 fighter jet to Pakistan


Beijing: China has delivered the first overhauled multi-role JF-17 fighter jet to Islamabad. This has provided a major boost to Pakistan air defence.

The first overhauled  JF-17 was handed over to Pakistan as part of a project carried out by the two nations over a decade ago.

China and Pakistan had begun joint development and manufacture of the single-engine light JF-17 jets over a decade ago.

Media reports said, Changsha 5712 Aircraft Industry Co Ltd under the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) reassembled the jets and delivered to Pakistan.

Pakistan sent dozens of trainees to China, who had close communication and built deep friendships with Chinese engineers during the overhaul process.

Defence sources said JF-17 has become a mainstay of the PAF in recent years after US restricted sales of F-16 war planes after the 1990 arms embargo imposed on Pakistan under the Pressler amendment.

Though China has made significant strides in avionics and developed new range of war planes including stealth fighters, it is yet to develop engines for its planes, including JF-17 and has to rely on Russian supplies mostly.

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