Children are more susceptible to Corona in second wave: Dr Pravakar Mishra


Bhubaneswar: Children are more susceptible to the second Corona wave, Pediatric Specialist Prof Dr. Pravakar Mishra said.

Prof Dr Mishra said nearly 20 percent of adolescents are affected with coronavirus and this is due to the mutation of the deadly virus. He said the respiratory system, liver, and system in the body are affected in two to five months after the recovery from coronavirus. They become serious and subsequently admitted to ICUs.

The Pediatric Specialist said new symptoms are found in the second wave of COVID such as loose motion, belly ache, vomiting, infection on tongue and eyes, and skin allergies. The affected children could be treated with normal medicines, Prof Dr. Mishra said, and added that they recuperate early due to immunity power.

He said the affected children could stay in home isolation. The mothers can breastfeed four-month-old children, but they must follow Covid guidelines by washing their hands properly and wearing masks.

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