Check Out Easy Yoga Asanas And Their Amazing Health Benefits


New Delhi: Yoga Asanas are performed to benefit the health and mind. The term has been derived from a Sanskrit term that means “posture” or “pose”. While the gym is a new concept but performing different types of yoga asanas is an age-old concept. Asanas can even be performed at home without any instruments. Let’s check out some easy asanas below:  

Sukhasana Or Easy Pose 


This is an amazing one for beginners as it gives one the desired comfort. The asana is beyond the horizons of the physical dimension and gives a spiritual bliss. Sukhasana is best to reduce anxiety and stress and mental tiredness. It corrects the body posture and stretches the chest and spine.  

How To Do It: 

Sit with the legs tucked inside the opposite thighs and the spine should be vertically straight.  

The hands should be placed on the knees and breathe in and out gently.  

Naukasana Or Boat Pose 


This is one of the easy asanas. This asana stretches the abdominal muscles and it improves digestion and reduces belly fat. It is good to improve the efficiency of abdominal muscles.  

How To Do It: 

One needs to lie on one’s back with legs together and the hands-on the thighs, without touching them. Then the body should make a 30-degree angle.  

Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose 

It stretches the entire body. It helps in weight loss and boosts digestion and blood circulation. It is effective in making the back flexible.  

How To Do It:  

One just needs to lie on the stomach with hands on the feet and pull backwards. The body should make a bow-like posture as the name suggests.  

Vakrasana Or Twisted Pose 

Vakrasana makes the body flexible and reduces belly fat and also helps in improving digestion by regulating digestive juices.  

How To Do It: 

One needs to make a posture like a steady stance by placing the right foot high up on the left thigh and the hands should be over the head with the palms together. The spine must be straight and the sole of the foot flat and firm. After releasing the pose, one needs to change the position and try the other leg.  

Kakasana Or Crow Pose 

For anyone who wants to improve their concentration power, wipe out sluggishness and enhance mental and physical balance, kakasana is the best option, as it stretches the muscles of arms, wrists, and forearms. The posture makes the body and mind feel light. It brings together the scattered mind. It is difficult to perform and takes a lot of practices.  

How To Do It:  

One needs to squat and keep the legs slightly apart with the hands firmly on the floor.  

After that, the body should be uplifted and the hands on the floor. 

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