Chaka Bije Niti of deities to be performed at Puri Srimandir today


Puri: Chaka Bije Niti – a special ritual to mark the improving health of Lord Jagannath and his siblings-Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Sunhadra-will be conducted at Srimandir in Puri on Thursday.

Chaka Bije Niti will be held on the occasion of Dashami Tithi.

As per the ritual, the sibling deities will be placed on three wheels. After the Madhyana Dhupa, Chaka Bije Niti will be performed and the deities will gradually feel well.

For the complete recovery of the Trinity, Raj Baidyas (royal physicians) will send Dasamula (herbal medicine prepared from 10 herbs) to the temple. The Pati Mahapatra Sevaka will administer the medicine to the sibling deities. After this ritual, the deities will be completely cured.

Following complete recovery of the deities, the Daitapatis will inform the good news to Gajapati at Srinahara on Dwadasi Tithi.

Notably, the Chaka bije niti is a traditional ritual in the Jagannath cult that indicates the deities are doing well after the celestial medications, divine diets, and the gupta seva by the servitors.


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