Chain Snatcher Beaten Black & Blue In City


Bhubaneswar: A chain snatcher landed in the clutches of some locals in the Unit-III area within Kharvel Nagar police station and was beaten black & blue before being handed over to the police.

According to sources, two bike-borne miscreants were trying to snatch a gold chain from the neck of an elderly woman who was sitting outside her house this afternoon.

The miscreants first halted their bike in front of the woman and introduced themselves as Software Engineers and they were searching for a house to stay on rent. While talking to the woman, one of the youths attempted to snatch the gold chain from the woman’s neck. But the woman managed to catch hold of the chain and raised an alarm.

Hearing her scream, some locals immediately reached the spot and apprehended one of the snatchers while the other one sped away on the motorcycle. The locals then gave the snatcher a sound thrashing before handing him over to the police.

IIC Rajinikant Mishra informed that the accused youth is being interrogated and an investigation is underway to ascertain his involvement in other such snatching incidents.

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