Centre okays Odisha CM’s suggestion on Covid vaccine supply

Bhubaneswar: The Government of India on Monday agreed to the suggestion given by Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik on the coronavirus vaccine supply chain.

Patnaik on April 17 had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggesting that Covid vaccines be made available outside the government supply chain. He said if the vaccine is made available in the open market, then citizens who can afford them, could purchase.

The Odisha CM has stated that this would reduce the burden on the government and allow it to focus on the vulnerable sections of society.

The Centre has announced that coronavirus vaccine manufacturers would supply 50% of their monthly doses to Government of India and the remaining 50% doses to States Governments and in the open market. This is exactly in line with Odisha Chief Minister’s suggestion in his letter two days ago to the Prime Minister.

Observers maintained that Odisha Chief Minister with his visionary and statesmanship could foresee a very important and critical solution to the problem. They further maintained that this is the reason why Patnaik is being hailed across the nation as the No 1 Chief Minister.

Patnaik belongs to a rare breed of politicians who do not think about polls and politics, the observers said and added that his preoccupation with the intention of doing good to the society has earned him laurels.