Centre Goes Ahead With Central Vista Project Despite Covid Surge


New Delhi: The Centre is going ahead with its plan to complete the grand Central Vista project by December 2022 . The new home for the Prime Minister has received environmental clearance even as the nation is struggling to cope with the deadly coronavirus.

The project has been earmarked “essential service”. The work on Central Vista goes uninterrupted despite the national capital being hit by a deadly coronavirus and people are dying without getting oxygen. The Centre is a little worried even in the face of strong opposition political parties and activists. A deadline has been given to the Rs 20,000 crore makeover plan.

The first buildings are scheduled to be completed by December next year. This will be Prime Minister’s new official home. The Vice President’s house is expected to be completed by May next year.

The projected costing Rs 13,450 crore will employ nearly 46,000 people. The plan to build and refurbish the government buildings on a part of the four-km stretch from Rashtrapati Bhavan to the India Gate is to be completed before the 2024 general elections.

Social media is full of comments on the lavish expenditure amid the Covid emergency that has overburdened the health system with the shortfall of oxygen, vaccines, and other life-saving medicines.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi last week tweeted:  “Central Vista – not essential. Central Govt with a vision – essential”.

The national capital is worst hit with a positivity rate of over 30 percent. The authorities have imposed a lockdown since April 19 due to a spike in coronavirus. The Central Vista work continues even though workers travel from other parts of the city. And, this is not a violation of Covid norms.

Although the three judges on the bench expressed concern over the lack of public consultation on the matter, the Supreme Court refused to discontinue the project saying there was no violation of the environmental regimen.

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