Census of Migratory Birds in Odisha’s Banki from Dec 20

Banki: The Centre for Rural Tourism Development (CRTD) will undertake a census of migratory birds in eight marshy lands in Banki subdivision in Odisha’s Cuttack district.

Census of Migratory BirdsThese marshy lands are Bilipara pata, Brahmapura pata, Ostia pata, Kantapahanra pata, Kajalapata, Dhansara pata, Badheswar Pata, Vedapata, Anshupa lake and some regions in Mahanadi river valley.

The migratory birds of different species like Northern Pin Tale, Northern Shovelar, Garhwal, Marsh Sand Piper, Common Green Sank, Common Red and Common Swipes flock on the marshy lands during winter as these regions are suitable for their breeding.

The CRTD Secretary Lalit Mohan Panda said the census of migratory birds will be held between December 20 to 30 in the above mentioned marshy lands and Anshupa lake. He said the corona guidelines will be observed strictly during the counting.

Census of Migratory Birds