CDA launches special eviction drive to remove illegal prawn gheries from Chilika


Puri: In a bid to check illegal fishing of prawn, the Chilika Development Authority (CDA) has launched an eviction drive at Krushnaprasad Gada near Nalaban in Chilika Lake to demolish the illegal prawn gheries.

Keeping in view of interruption during the eviction of gheries, two platoons of police force were deployed at the spot.

About 1100 sqkm of area was made free during the eviction drive on 21st July from the possession of mafias.

Notably, the illegal gheries were deteriorating the spawning habitat of fishes and shrimps. At the outset the marine species in Chilika were also unable to exercise their breeding practice.

Apart from that the enclosed areas on water mass were also hindering the food habitat of migratory birds in Nalaban.

The CDA expedited the eviction of illegal shrimp gheries under the OMFRA Act, which authorizes it to check illegal fishing activities in the Lake and to boost the breeding of marine species.

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