Caught on camera: 2 fall into 2,000-foot gorge in Maharashtra


Mumbai: In a video being circulated online, two young men, unsteady and drinking from a bottle, climb over a railing and plunge into a 2,000 feet deep gorge at Amboli Ghat, a popular picnic spot in Maharashtra.

The viral video of the incident that took place on Monday evening was filmed by their friends at the Kawale Saad Point, a bridge, as per sources.

The bodies of Imran Garadi (26) and Pratap Rathod (21) are yet to be retrieved because of heavy rain, police said.

The two were part of a group of seven who work at a poultry farm in Kolhapur. Imran and Pratap hung back when their friends decided to leave.

The two were apparently trying to pull off daring stunts as their friends cheered and hooted. They are seen in the video swaying on their feet, sitting on the railing and often backing off before finally climbing over and standing on the edge. Their group is heard shouting in alarm.

Hours later, the bodies were spotted down in the valley.

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