Cashless committee: Naveen proposes demonetisation ease


Bhubaneswar: The first meeting of the cashless committee under the chairmanship of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was held on Friday via video conference to discuss and  suggest measures to minimize the inconvenience caused  to the people in the post demonetization period. Naveen Pattnaik as a member to the committee has put forth certain proposals to ease the demonetization crisis in the state.

Chief Scretary Aditya Prasad Padhi, Additional Chief Secretary Upendra Nath Behera, Development Commissioner R Balakrsihnan, Finance Department Joint Secretary Tuhin Kant Pandey on behalf of Naveen Pattnaik participated in the conference.

Padhi said that in around 70 percent of the gram panchayats about 47 percent of the people are in lack of the banking services. Further he said about one-third portion of the total villages are beyond the mobile connectivity assistance . He also urged for implementation of some measures when, out of 6238 gram panchayats(GPs), less than 2000 GPs in the state are privileged to Wireline Broadband Services and only 350 GPs are under the prevalence of high speed internet facility.

Pattnaik alongwith the other members during the video conference has praised the demonetization move as a bold step of the government to curb the black money market, also raised certain proposals including;

  • No service charges on debit card transactions after the pre-allotted date of December 31.
  • No service charges on digital transaction under Rs 10000.
  • Free Point-of-Sale(POS) machines to be provided to the banks, self help groups and all the government organizations.
  • Security measures by Reserve Bank of India(RBI) to be undertaken for all e-wallet transactions.
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer(NEFT), Electronic Clearing Service(ECS) and Real Time Gross Settlement(RTGS) to be made available 24 hours .

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