Cardinal George Pell funeral held in Sydney as protesters, mourners clash outside


Sydney: Hundreds of mourners lined up in the hot Sydney weather to attend the funeral, singing hymns as they waited.

Police separated protesters, who were chanting in Hyde Park, from the congregation.

There were a few verbal clashes between some mourners and protesters this morning.

The sound of the arguments were heard from the cathedral courtyard, where other mourners were watching the funeral outside.

One of the mourners held up a sign which read “anti-Catholic bigotry must end”.

George Pell’s personal secretary likened the “protests” about the cardinal in the wake of his death to a “tsunami of hate”, but dismissed the local criticism as “less than a ripple when viewed from the perspective of the global church”.

Pell’s death has triggered silent and peaceful protests from clergy abuse survivors and their supporters, who have tied ribbons to the fence around Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral, where the late cardinal will be buried later this morning.


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