Can’t Pay 4 Lakh Compensation For Covid Victims: Centre Tells SC


New Delhi: Families of Covid victims cannot be paid a compensation of Rs 4 lakh as it applies to natural disasters only, the government told the Supreme Court.

In a 183-page affidavit, the centre also added that denying compensation for diseases other than Covid would be “unfair”.

The centre added that the deadly disease has caused more than 3.85 lakh deaths – which is likely to increase – and states, reeling under a severe financial strain, cannot pay everyone. The government’s response comes after the Supreme Court asked it to inform its policy on Covid compensation and death certificates after a plea asked for Rs 4 lakh for victims.

Explaining that the Disaster Management Law states that compensation applies only to natural disasters like earthquake or floods, the government said that due to the pandemic’s massive scale it would not be appropriate to apply it to Covid.

The centre in its affidavit also said due to increased health expenses and low tax revenue states cannot afford to pay compensation for lakhs of Covid victims.

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