Cafe Chatter opens its first outlet in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar: A quaint corner in the bustling city, an eclectic menu, unparalleled ambience and unique community experiences make Café Indistinct Chatter one of the most exciting upcoming cafes in B’town (or Bhubaneswar)! And that’s not the only reason you should be adding this unique cafe to your ‘must visit’ list.

Cafe ChatterStep into the space and it’s aesthetic pops will surely colour your imagination. The entire café is divided into three spaces – a community seating, a friends table and a cosy indoor setup, packing a host of experiences in a colossal space. Perfect for those Instagramable photographs, shoots and filming! The lush uber-modern interiors perfectly set up a hand-crafted world-cuisine menu that Bhubaneswar will fall in love at the first sight!  The Menu highlights include Neapolitan hand-tossed pizzas, classic Italian pastas, delectable selection of finger foods, artisan smoothies and coffees.

Interestingly, the ones driving this café are retired Reader Dr. Satyabrata Das and his nephew Sridatta Das, who had a vision to bring a global experience to Bhubaneswar with this offering. “ We are sure that Indistinct Chatter would be a perfect amalgamation of the ethos of this city, and the shared values of the global community.”

And to top it all off, they have the most decadent bakery options to choose from! We’d love to give you details about the food, but that would count as a spoiler. However, we simply have to share that it’s a spectacular gastronomic adventure on offer!

The brand’s launch campaign – “Like Never Before” is something which caught our attention the most. The campaign stands out with its unique approach, challenging the status quo and offering as the agent of change for this city.

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