Cabinet nods on widening of Jajpur’s Tomka-Mangalpur road


Bhubaneswar: Government of Odisha have taken a decision for Widening & Strengthening of Tomka-Mangalpur road (ODR) to 4-lane without Paved Shoulder from 0/000 km to 19/000 km and from 28/500 km to 35/000 km in the District of Jaipur (Package-II) through EPC Contract under DMF fund.

The Tomka-Mangalpur road starts from PWD road at Tomka and ends at NH-53 at Mangalpur covering a length of 43 km.

The proposed road shall provide a direct link from the mineral belt of Kaniha and Sukinda area to industrial areas like Kalinga Nagar at Duburi and also connects the major Port of the State i.e. Paradeep and Dhamara.

It will facilitate the high volume of traffic congestion faced during the transportation of minerals and Industrial products on this route and result in the industrial and economic development of the area.

Cabinet has approved the lowest tender of Sri Durga Condev Pvt. Ltd, Super Class Contractor amounting to 117,00,00,000 (Rupees One Hundred Seventeen Crore) only for the execution of the above work. The work is targeted for completion within a period of 24 months.

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