Business ideas proved over the years: which business to open in 2021 and 2022?


Starting your own business is a responsible decision that requires careful and detailed preparation. It will be important for an entrepreneur to find a suitable field of activity, as well as to get acquainted with the peculiarities of doing business and choose a plan that can be fully implemented. You can use both a typical project and prepare an individual business plan. Also, an option for starting a business can be buying a ready-made franchise.

Fast food is a fun way to start your own business

A fast-food establishment is very popular, so in terms of finding a potential audience, such a company will have many advantages. A modern person rarely spends time cooking, so the services of such an institution will always be in demand.

The fast-food outlet assumes the presence of its production line. For this reason, it will be necessary to competently use the available free space to optimize the process of preparing food and drinks, as well as to be able to expand the diet. Setting up such a business usually takes a little time. It does not require large sums to open it, and an entrepreneur will always have the opportunity to open a whole network of fast-food establishments.

Food delivery is a popular service in a modern city

Despite the popularity of this service, many restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes have not yet had time to introduce it. Opening your shipping department can be quite costly, and the payback process for a single company takes several years. A much more profitable solution would be to open a company specializing in the delivery of food from various restaurants. Such a business is interesting in that it can expand very quickly, attracting new establishments that will use its services, paying a small percentage for delivery. Among the competitive advantages, it should be noted:

  • the ability to offer low prices;
  • providing pleasant bonuses for clients;
  • ample opportunities for advertising;
  • expanding the list of services.

If it is decided to open a business according to an effective model, but there is not enough money for this, then investing with jkr. co will be the best solution. The investment group works in several directions at once, so partners will be able to get favorable conditions for cooperation. You can find out about all the nuances of attracting investments by following the link.

Business ideas

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Apartment renovation is a topical business at any time

The growth of cities and suburbs is a constant process that does not stop even in times of crisis. For this reason, the services of specialists who can conduct wiring, install plumbing or repair a roof are in demand among a wide audience. A popular renovation option remains turnkey renovation, which is usually performed by a team of professional repairmen. Recruiting and getting started in the renovation business is an interesting option to generate income in 2021. It is necessary to have minimal knowledge in this industry to figure out what services a company can offer to its customers in the presence of certain masters.

The big advantage is that the company’s services are constantly expanding. If initially, the company specialized in interior decoration, then by expanding its team by hiring an electrician, it is possible to offer electrical installation services, the connection of lighting elements, equipment, and technology. Additionally, you can open your design department, whose services will be no less relevant for those who are interested in a full-fledged and comfortable interior.

Barber to generate income in 2022

If we talk about services that will remain in demand at any time, then it is worth noting the work of beauty salons and hairdressing salons. There are several hairdressing salons in every city, but high competition will not be a problem for those who know how to fight it. There are many opportunities to attract customers in 2021. You can create a discount program for regular customers or expand the range of services.

Additional services and package deals also attract the attention of visitors. The key point will be the selection of a suitable launch site, as well as the acquisition of a variety of equipment and supplies. The purchase of a ready-made franchise will speed up the launch of a business.

Mini bakery – a business for every city

Food production is a niche that always remains in demand. Confectionery and bakery products are in demand among a wide audience of buyers, which you should take advantage of. Bakery products are consumed every day by two out of three people on the planet, so there will not be a refusal in customers. It remains only to declare itself on the market, interrupting the offer of competitors.

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