Bus Runs Over Father During Son’s Wedding Procession in Odisha’s Narsinghpur

Cuttack: A joyous wedding celebration turned tragic in Narsinghpur, Odisha, as the father of the groom was fatally run over by a bus during the marriage procession. The incident occurred on Wednesday when the wedding party was travelling from Chatarapada village to Tagilo village.

According to reports, today was the marriage day of groom Babul Nayak (22), son of Bimbadhar Nayak (55), of Chatarapada village. Shortly after the marriage procession began, about a hundred meters from the groom’s house, a private bus named Shaktimayi suddenly ran over 7 to 8 people from behind.

The groom rushed his father Bimbadhar to Narsinghpur Medical Center, where Dr Abhijit Behera pronounced him dead after primary treatment. Other injured parties were treated for minor injuries and released. Bimbadhar’s body was later transferred to Badamba Medical Center for post-mortem examination.

In response to the tragedy, villagers staged a road blockade near Chatarapada. The protest was lifted following discussions with local MLA Vijaya Dal Behera, who arrived at the scene to address the situation.

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