Bus Owners Protest New Toll Fee Rule, Threatens to Go on Strike


May 23, 2016 18:14 PM IST

Bhubaneswar: Pointing at hectic days ahead for passengers, the Priviate Bus Owners’ Association entered into a feud with Odisha Government over newly introduced toll fee on Sunday. The association organized a protest meet here and warned the state government of a stir if the latter goes on collecting the increased toll charge.

The meet of the State Private Bus Owners’ Association was attended by members from as many as 27 regional bus owners’ associations who unanimously took a decision bring the plying of the bus through toll gates in coming days, if government doesn’t withdraws its May 18 notification.

Addressing the gathering president of bus owners’ association Prakash Mishra opined that, the toll free collection under the new notification would adversely affect their business. He added, customers would also be affected badly by the new system of toll fee collection. In this case, he suggested the state government for a rethink on the decision and appealed for a meeting with the association at its earliest.

Worth mentioning, while buses plying in the state through a total of eight toll gates are currently paying a monthly toll charge, the new system prescribes for a sharing between passengers and bus owners. The May 18 notification tells that, commuters would pay two-third and bus owners would pay one-third of the total toll fee. It would result in a pocket pinch for passengers, altogether as the toll fee has also been increased.

Notably, as of now bus owners have not added the toll charge to the ticket cost.

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