Bundles of Rs 500 notes found dumped near bridge in Sambalpur


Sambalpur: Bundles of Rs 500 notes were found dumped 500 meters away from a bridge near Sindurapanka along the Sambalpur-Deogarh National Highway 53 today.

According to reports, the notes were found scattered in an abandoned place just 500 metres away from Dumbesingha bridge. Some of the notes were found torn and some could be noticed flying here and there.

Sources said,  on Wednesday morning some locals spotted the notes under the bridge. After which scores of people thronged the spot to see the bundles of Rs 500 notes. Some were also found collecting the torn notes.

Even though the police were aware of the matter, no action has been initiated in this regard. However, the question remains unanswered from where the notes came from, and who dumped it there.

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