Buildings In Moscow Damaged In Drone Attack


Moscow: Russian capital Moscow suffered minor damages to several buildings because of a drone attack, confirmed the mayor, as reported by BBC.

As per a report by AP, two residential buildings suffered damages due to the attack. The capital city’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, said that there have been no serious injuries. Emergency services were “at the scene of incidents”, he said.

The air defences had shot down several drones as they approached the Russian capital, reported BBC citing officials. However, so far, it is not clear from where the drones had come.

Also, there has been no comment from Kyiv yet. However, BBC stated that on Monday, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Gen Kyrylo Budanov, warned of a swift response to a series of Russian missile strikes on the Ukrainian capital earlier.

According to AFP, Ukraine said it downed 29 of 31 Russian drones, mainly over Kyiv and region whereas Moscow claimed to have downed eight attack drones over the capital city.

Images doings round on social media showed traces of smoke in the sky above the Russian capital. The mayor said that some residents were being evacuated.

According to local media reports, as many as 10 drones were shot down over the city, stated BBC.

This comes after at least one person was killed and three got injured in the third attack on Kyiv in the last 24 hours. As per reports, debris falling from a destroyed Russian drone hit a high-rise building which caused these casualties and also led to a fire at a house on Tuesday.

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