Budhi Thakurani Yatra begins in Berhampur


Berhampur: The much-awaited Maa Budhi Thakurani Yatra has begun amid devotional ambiance on Sunday night in Berhampur.

The idol of the goddess moved in a grand procession escorted by thousands of devotees and reached the paternal house at Deshibehera Sahi at around 3 am.

Earlier on Sunday morning, Maa Budhi Thakurani’s father Tathas Desibehera, P Durga Prasad and his wife P Devaki came to the temple at old Berhampur with a basket of flowers and performed puja to invite the deity.

On getting permission from the Goddess’ in-laws’ the Deshibehera couple went to Kali Sano Thakurani (Budhi Thakurani’s daughter-in-law) Temple situated near Sub-Registrar office to invite her too.

After several rituals, Maa moved in a procession amidst chanting of hymns and beats of gongs, and reached at Deshibehera Sahi at about 3 am. Brahmapur Tehsildar coordinated the yatra while SP Ashish Singh, three ASPs, six DSPs and eight IICs supervised the security arrangements by deploying six platoons of police force to maintain law and order.

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