Budget Trips: Where and How to Travel


Budget trips have become a possibility, especially when the tourism industry around the world is witnessing a downturn because of the pandemic. You’ll be surprised to know that it includes destinations, which are often labeled as expensive. In this blog post, let’s take a look at some incredible tourist spots that perfectly suit budget travelers.

Best locations to visit

  1. Central America

Each dollar you spend brings you a lot in certain countries of Central America. Apart from being budget-friendly, these places deliver an exotic experience. You roam through ancient ruins & walk along jungle treks that are largely unspoiled. Opt for the countries that are smaller, like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Nicaragua. The budget hotels are cheap, charging only around $15 for a night. Meals come at only $3, while conveyance is very affordable, too.

  1. Eastern Europe

If the mention of countries like Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova brings images of impoverished formerly Communist nations, you are grossly mistaken. Yes, Eastern Europe offers all the exotic beauty and charm of Europe minus the crowd and prices seen in the more popular destinations like Barcelona, Paris, or Prague. You can live a royal life in Ukraine, dishing out less than $40 each day. Thus, trips to Eastern Europe are definitely a consideration, especially if you are interested in visiting museums or learning about each country’s rich culture.

  1. Australia

Yes, Australia has an incredibly high standard of living with lots of exotic places to visit. However, it can be an affordable place to visit. It’s the many work exchange opportunities, lots of backpacking tourists, affordable homestays, and the groceries that come very cheap, which make Australia a budget destination.

  1. India

A fall in the Indian rupee has made India, a land that never fails to surprise, very affordable to visit. Each dollar gets you as much as 73 Indian rupees. If you are willing to forgo the luxury of staying at five-star resorts or hotels and sticking to Western meals, it’s difficult to part with $50 a day here. The cheap guesthouses and traveling by second-class trains can make your stay in India even cheaper: at $30 per day. Traveling through India with just around $40 a day is a journey of self-discovery as this land of friendly and warm people brings you closer to spiritualism.

More tips for a successful vacation

Having shared with you five exotic yet cheap destinations you can visit on a budget, we now bring you a few tips on how you may save money while traveling.

Plan a Budget

Make a plan of how much you want to spend on what. Do some research on how much the airfare, meals, accommodations, and the activities on offer are likely to cost. Once you’ve sorted out a vague itinerary, note down the total amount you plan to spend. Set aside amounts for all your needs during the trip. Take a weekly approach. Set aside a budget for each week. That way, you won’t overshoot your planned estimate, and you won’t have to deny yourself any of the attractions a place offers.

Look for Discounts

You’ll always come across holiday options available to you at a discount. There are accommodations offering family and honeymoon packages that make traveling to even those destinations that are high on popularity cheap. If visiting a place at a time of the year when it is not ideal to do so doesn’t bother you, you may opt for off-season discounts that make a place much cheaper than it usually is.

Avoid Frivolous Spending 

Daily spending on non-essential stuff can sometimes be unavoidable. However, indicate your budget for the day or week and try to stick to it. In some cases, shorter trips can make people more eager to splurge. Thus, if you are only visiting a specific location for a couple of days, try to remember to save money instead of spending it on random souvenirs or other items.

Invest in a Virtual Private Network

An online VPN can help you save money even before you get to a plane or train. Long story short, a Virtual Private Network is a tool you can use to manipulate your IP address. In turn, you can change it to any location you like. Thus, try changing your location and connecting to websites offering accommodation or plane tickets. It just might be that the price will drop. If you want to become a seasoned traveler, you need to know these small tricks. After all, each penny counts!

Going off the beaten track does help you save money and holding on to your wallet is a virtue. Traveling on a budget is easy when you know where to go, how to go, and when to go.

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