Budget session from Wednesday; Assembly to feel Panchayat poll heat


Bhubaneswar: The Budget session of the State Assembly is scheduled to begin from Wednesday after the final phase of panchayat polls will conclude on Tuesday. BJD MLAs and ministers who have been hiding their faces after loss of the party at the hands of BJP in villages of their constituency will have to face Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

It has become evident from the results of the panchayat polls that the BJD leaders are cashing in on the popularity of Patnaik for their success even in their constituencies. It remains to be seen how they face their party supremo and what action the party takes against leaders who disappointed during the ongoing panchayat polls.

As per political experts, the Budget session will witness panchayat poll heat. Though BJP MLAs are only 10 in number, the mudslinging that has begun regarding poll violence between the two parties will be seen during the Assembly session too.

The budget session will be held from February 22 in two phases. The Governor addressing the Assembly on the first day and discussion on budget on February 23 and 25. On February 27, the Finance Minister Pradip Amat will present the budget for financial year 2017-18. The first phase session will continue till march 4.

The second phase will begin from March 14 and continue till April 7.

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