Buddhaditya can’t take Odia film criticism!


Bhubaneswar: A Facebook post by an Odia film viewer who found a fault in a scene in the popular Odia film “Loafer” starring Babushan Mohanty, Archita Sahoo and Buddhaditya Mohanty and is directed by veteran director Ashok Pati did not go well with Buddhaditya who not only lashed out at the youth on the social media platform but also indulged in a war of words with some other fans.

Facebook user Abhishek Panigrahi posted a still from Loafer where Archita’s character and some of her friends were seen holding laboratory aprons with stethoscope while two of them including the actress are holding two books with written “Unix” on them. It’s noteworthy that “Unix” is an operating system and the books seem to be related to computer science.

Loafer debate on fb

The Facebooker used this social media to post this mismatch tagging it to veteran director Susant Mani. He also later tagged the original director of the film Ashok Pati. But no sooner he posted this photo, other Facebook users joined him in criticising the Odia film industry. This meanwhile didn’t go well with Buddhaditya took offence of the act and criticised Abhishek mentioning him as a crab that pulls back fellow Odias who are trying to make films.

He even crossed the limit and used profanity against another FB user Sabyasachi who didn’t cower down and replied to the actor accordingly. He was unstoppable in his criticism of those who supported Abhishek and asked whether the critics are regular watchers of Odia films.

Abhishek however preferred to be polite while raising and discussing the issue. Even Appu Kanungo, a film director in Bollywood who has also directed an Odia film hailed the effort of Abhishek for pointing out an unintentional mistake by the filmmakers.

Later Ashok Pati replied to the post and accepted the mistake and thanked Abhishek while assuring not to make similar errors in future.

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