Buddha Purnima/Buddha Jayanti Today! Know History & Significace


New Delhi: Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is an important Buddhist and Hindu festival that marks the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. He was born on the full moon night and hence his birth anniversary is celebrated on Purnima.

This year, Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti falls on 16 May. Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is also known as Vaisakhi Buddha Purnima or Vesak. The festival is celebrated as Vesak in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tibet, and Mongolia to name a few.

According to the yogic culture, Buddha Purnima is considered important as this is the third Purnima (full moon) after the Earth moves to the northern run to the sun.

This day is celebrated as a festival by Buddhists and Hindus all over the globe.

Born as the prince of Kapilavastu, Siddhartha Gautam was named Siddhartha by his parents. Predictions made before his birth said that the child will either be a great ruler or a great monk. In fear of losing the crowned prince of Kapilavastu, Buddha’s family confined him to the portals of palace. As he turned 29 he was able to see life outside the palace.

At first, Gautama Buddha witnessed three things, namely an old man, a dead body and sick man. These three sights made him understand life is full of sorrow and it is just a temporary phase.

After witnessing these horrible sights, he renounced the princely life and went into deep meditation inside thick woods to search for truth.

Once he attained enlightenment or Nirvana, he was titled as Gautam Buddha.

Buddha Purnima holds a great significance for the Buddhist communities around the world. The day is celebrated to honour Gautam Buddha, who believed in spreading the word of ‘Karma’ and attained liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

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