BTS’s Jin Drops Trot Song “Super Tuna”, Prompts Challenges Across SNS Platforms

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Seoul: BTS’s Jin surprised fans with a new song. Jin shared a song called “Super Tuna” on BTS’s official YouTube channel and blog. Jin co-produced the song with BUMZU, who also provided the synthesizer and background vocals.

The guitar was provided by Park Gi Tae of PRISMFILTER. The mix and mastering engineer was Anchor at PRISMFILTER MIX LAB and the recording engineer was Son Yoo Jung at HYBE Studio.

“Super Tuna” is a trot song, a genre of Korean pop music known for its distinctive singing style with vocal inflections that was particularly popular in the 1960s and 70s.

We have seen Kim Seokjin fishing in various shows like In The Soop and Bon Voyage. He is very fond of it. In fact, Min Yoongi and he are fishing partners. This song looks super cute and is so perfect for Seokjin.

The song has also prompted challenges across social media platforms.

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