BTS’ V misses Jin; reveals he is playing video games with Jungkook


Seoul: BTS member V surprised his fans on Tuesday as he held a live session on Weverse and spoke on a host of topics. Taking to the social media platform, V aka Kim Taehyung also talked about Jin, who is currently undertaking his mandatory military service. He also revealed that ahead of his live session, he was playing video games with friends including Jungkook.

V’s first live session was held for a few minutes during which he greeted his fans and wished them for the Korean New Year. He said as quoted by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, “Receive a lot of blessings for the New Year, everyone! (happy new year).” Later he also added, “On the Seollal Day, I ate meal together with my family and I also ate outside with my family.”

V also told his fans that he held the live session as he was bored. He added, “I’ll come again later when I feel bored. I don’t really use the phone a lot these days. I ordered some expensive strawberries.. I’ll now go to eat them. You guys, be happy, be healthy.. don’t get sick. Do well and work hard today as well and receive a lot of blessings this new year and be healthy and happy and don’t get sick or hurt. Bye.”

During his second live session, talking about his game, V added, “I was playing a game with friends. There’s Jungkookie too. I was playing but if (someone) in the game dies and (they) might say something that’s not supposed to be said in a live, so I came back after turning it off (talking about the last live).”

V also talked about Jin and Jungkook. He said, “I’ve been fully resting these days well. I haven’t done anything and. I work on music sometimes when I remember it but it’s not the usual. I must work on it (from) now (on).” Speaking about Jin, V said, “Around this time, Jin hyung pops up saying ‘hi, yo’ or “Vo” (in the comments).. hyung said he is working hard right now.. he contacted us.”



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