BTS V aka Kim Taehyung is “SNS King” as he rules social media

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Seoul: BTS’s V, aka Kim Taehyung, has always made headlines for creating and breaking records on social media.

According to WikiProject Korea, V became the Most Searched Individual K-Pop Idol (10th overall) on Wikipedia in August with 283,934 visits.

On June 27, 2021, the Butter Concept Photo Version 1 of all the members of BTS was uploaded on the official Instagram handle of BTS (@bts.bighitofficial). Among all the members, V’s picture is the most liked & commented on the platform, and the first to reach 10M likes and 1M comments.

V once again proved his unparalleled popularity as SNS King by recording the #1 personal page views of Korean artists in the official ranking of Wikipedia for the month of August. This makes it his 3rd month in a row to take the #1 spot for an individual.

Despite being inactive in SNS, V recorded a total of 283,934 visits in the ranking of Wikipedia’s Korean Project Page (English version), ranking 1st for individual & team.

Earlier, BTS’s V made records such as the First Korean Male Idol to have pictures with the fastest 2M-8M likes & even the First Korean Idol to reach 9M likes on an Instagram post.

Currently, he has 14 photos with 5M+ likes, 9 photos with 6M+ likes, 2 photos with 8M+ likes, and 1 photo with 10M+ likes. He also has the most followed fanstagram and the most used hashtags combined.

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