BTS: SUGA aka Min Yoongi drops drop-dead gorgeous vintage pics


Seoul: BTS member Min Yoongi aka SUGA is one of the hottest producers in the Korean music industry. SUGA aka Min Yoongi with his long hair, delicate features and arresting looks has been slaying and how. BTS SUGA aka Min Yoongi has posted some pics from a unknown photoshoot. We can see that he has donned the Victorian look with a coat and ruffled shirt. His hair seems to have a personality of its own. Fans are wondering from where are the pics.


Some days back, Kim Taehyung made our hearts aflutter with his looks as an English gentleman.

Kim Taehyung was like a dream as he dressed up like an English gentleman. But BTS rapper Min Yoongi aka SUGA looks no less than a Byronic hero in these clicks.




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