BTS requests for military enlistment deferral

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Seoul: BTS members have applied for enlistment deferral. This means that they can continue with their group activities until next year (2022). BTS’ military enlistment has been a hot topic of discussion amongst netizens and the general public of South Korea for quite some time now.

Previously, the National Assembly decided to include individuals in the field of popular culture and arts who contributed to enhancing the national status and dignity to be included in the benefits of postponing their enlistment.

This amendment to the Military Service Act allowed BTS to postpone their enlistment until the age of 30 as they received the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit, which is a 5th-grade order of cultural merit in 2018. Most Korean men must enlist by the age of 28.

On the morning of November 25th, however, the representative of the ministry of national defense stated during the national assembly that the more inclusive definition of the term of art and sports personnel requires further review regarding various social aspects and public consensus.

As a result, the Korean national assembly failed to reach a consensus on expanding the military exemption act to include popular cultural artists.



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