BTS merch including V’s Mute Boston Bag sold out in a minute, resurfaces on e-Bay at exorbitant rates


Seoul: On 11 January, BTS member V’s (Kim Taehyung) Mute Boston Bag was launched but according to social media, the bag was sold out in less than five seconds.

Many ARMYs (BTS fans are known as ARMYs) took to Twitter to express their disappointment and also highlighted the unethical practice of reselling sought after products by people who are not part of the fandom.

Many fans have been demanding the restocking of the artist made collection and taking action against predatory resellers.

Earlier this month, the pyjama sets and pillows designed by Kim Seokjin and joggers and windchime designed by Kim Namjoon were sold out within minutes, only to resurface on eBay. Min Yoongi’s necklaces and notepad also met the same fate as it flew off the shelf in a minute.

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