BTS members reunite to welcome Jin as he is discharged from military


Seoul: BTS Jin has finally been discharged from the military service after completing his mandatory training. On Wednesday, new pictures emerged on social media in which Jin was had a special reunion with the rest of his band members, who waited for him outside the premises. They all hugged each other, while RM even played the saxophone to the tune of their hit song Dynamite.

In a new video that surfaced on fan pages on social media, Jungkook, RM, J- Hope, Jimin and V gathered outside the entrance to welcome Jin after he was discharged from service. Jim was in his military uniform, and also paused for a moment to make a hand salute. RM was the first one to greet him, and even went on to perform their Grammy-nominated hit song Dynamite on the saxophone.

However, it was Suga who was missing. Moments later, the X account of BTS posted a group picture with Jin to celebrate his military discharge. It had the BTS members sitting on the couch, and doing the peace sign, while a white cake and some muffins were kept on the table in front of them. There were also a sign behind them on the wall, which read, ‘Jin is back.’

Jin joined the military in December 2022. The BTS member began his 18 months of military service at a front-line South Korean boot camp. Jin entered the boot camp at Yeoncheon, a town near the tense border with North Korea. He did five weeks of basic military training together with other conscript soldiers. After the training, he and other conscripts were assigned to army units.



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