BTS members hype Jungkook in his latest Insta post, But RM’s hilarious reaction wins internet


Seoul: BTS’ maknae Jungkook’s latest boxing video was such a hit, that even his hyungs couldn’t help but drop by and appreciate him.

Flocking under his latest video, Bangtan turned Instagram into their own personal group chat as they showered love on their maknae for his impressive skills. While V and J-Hope were his perfect hypeman, RM seems to be quite intimidated after seeing him live in action.

Celebrity personal trainer Tommy could be seen accompanying Jungkook and the result of the BTS member’s tough training was very evident.

BTS member V complimented Jungkook on his skills and received a thank you in reply. J-Hope imitated the sound of the gloves hitting the punch mitts and made him crack up. However, it was leader RM’s reaction that made everyone burst out in laughter. RM commented with, “Jungkook-ah, firstly I made a mistake” which is another way of saying you’re sorry. The youngest member was confused by the sudden apology and giggled in response.

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