BTS member J-Hope gets his first birthday gifts from Jin


Seoul: BTS member J-Hope will turn 29 (as per Korean age) tomorrow. His birthday celebration have begun on social media.

The dance leader of BTS and the MAMA hitmaker shared pics of the gifts sent by Kim Seokjin aka Jin.

The Super Tuna singer Jin sent a couple of cakes to J-Hope’s residence. There were strawberries too. J-Hope shared all the pics on his Insta stories. Fans are showering love on the bond of Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok. Jin’s giving nature has been evident in the past couple of months.

Fans were raving about how he went to the homes of J-Hope, his brother and celeb friends to give strawberries from the farm of his uncle.

Amongst the gifts, there is a toilet brush made of gold. Well, it is from a brand called Merdolino. The price of the same is 250 Euros. It comes upto Rs 22,000 in India. We guess it has costly gold plating. J-Hope showed off the glittering piece for fans.

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