BTS’ Jimin shines in Angel Pt. 1 music video for Fast X with JVKE, Muni Long, and more


Seoul: The highly anticipated official music video for ‘Angel Part. 1′ has finally been released, featuring an extraordinary collaboration between rap sensations NLE Choppa and Kodak Black, along with the mesmerising vocals of BTS’ very own Jimin, the infectious beats of JVKE, and the soulful voice of Muni Long. This star-studded lineup promises an audiovisual experience like no other.

Performed by NLE Choppa, Kodak Black, BTS’ Jimin, JVKE, and Muni Long, Angel Part. 1 serves as the official theme song for the character Dom, portrayed by Vin Diesel, in the Fast Saga. This collaboration marks the first-ever OST by a Korean artist for the franchise. The recently released music video incorporates glimpses of the upcoming movie, not only focusing on the intense action but also highlighting the deep connections between the characters throughout the saga. Each featured artist starts their melodies individually, with Muni Long and Jimin eventually coming together in the same room to deliver the heartfelt chorus, “Angel don’t fly so close to me.” NLE Choppa and Kodak Black bring their rap verses with full energy, while JVKE, Jimin, and Muni Long complement the composition with their soothing and melodic vocals.

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