BTS Jimin Says He ‘Cried For A While’ After Watching Notebook Again


Seoul: BTS singer Jimin was on a movie marathon in the wee hours of Wednesday. Jimin is currently recovering from acute appendicitis surgery. The Filter singer took to Weverse and revealed that he was watching his favourite movie The Notebook for the seventh time. The romantic film is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book of the same name and stars Ryan Gosling with Rachel McAdams.

Taking to Weverse, the singer shared a picture showing a glimpse of Ryan from the film. As translated by BTS fan @BTStranslation7 on Twitter, Jimin wrote, “(Watching) The Notebook for the seventh time.. heh”. A little while later, Jimin returned to the platform and said, “I should watch another movie,” before he dived into the film Allied.

The singer finally called it a night soon after, confessing that he did cry a little while watching the movies. “I cried for a while I’m gonna go sleep now. I do feel a little bad for waking you all up at this hour (with the notif) but hehe this is fun! sleep well,” ChimChim said.

Jimin’s posts have led to the fandom certifying him as a ‘hopeless romantic.’ A fan tweeted, “Jimin watching “the notebook” for the 7th time which is a story of the most passionate lovers and him saying he got chills watching an old couple at museum and him getting emotional over baby clothes, he’s the most hopeless romantic ever.”

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