BTS’ Jimin misses Jin on Christmas, shares handwritten notes for ARMY


Seoul: ‘Jimin came home’ trended on social media Saturday night after the BTS vocalist decided to make his once-in-a-blue moon appearance on Weverse and engage with his fans. Jimin wished everyone a Merry Christmas and requested fans to drop in their photos of their celebrations. He didn’t fail to mention the eldest member Jin, who has just left for the military.

One fan asked, “Jimin do you have any gifts for ARMY?” Jimin answered, “Please wait for the gifts…” Another shared a bouquet of flowers that their boyfriend gave and Jimin wrote back in a monosyllable, “Oh.” Some requested him to share his drawings and he responded that he would ‘get up and get dressed’ and show them his artwork. Jimin finally got ready and shared a photo of a handwritten Merry Christmas for fans.

Following this, Jimin also wished Jin ‘a merry Christmas’. Many ARMYs were rather touched and one wrote, “Jimin literally was in bed, but got out and even wrote a letter wishing merry christmas to armys and even changed his clothes to post on Instagram for us.”

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