BTS Jimin Drops ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ Music Video


Seoul: BTS Jimin treated fans with the music video of his pre-release song ‘Set Me Free Pt 2 from his first solo album FACE. The singer leaves the ARMYs swooning as he gives a power-packed performance in the video donning a black jacket and pants. What really left the fans wide-eyed is the tattoos on Jimin’s torso as he goes shirtless in the song. The BTS dancer and vocalist’s tattoos have always intrigued the fans and now, he has treated them with something different and appealing.


Set Me Free Pt. 2 by Jimin is a hip-hop song where the vocalist and visual of BTS shares his inner emotions of breaking free from abstract emotions of pain, sadness and emptiness. Jimin emphasises his desire to move forward freely, liberating himself of his dark thoughts. The music video focuses on Jimin’s intense gaze with a monotone cinematic effect that gives you an image of his mind which is dark.

As soon as BTS Jimin dropped the song, ARMYs flooded Twitter with compliments. Many were trying to figure out what is written on his chest. The video features Cardi B’s BTS bias dancing with Rainer Maria Rilke’s German poem “Ich lebe mein leben in wachsenden ringen” (in English, “I live my life in widening circles”) printed on his chest. This literary choice pairs well with the circular cover art for his upcoming album, as well as a concept teaser titled “Circle of Resonance” that read, “Waves originated from the deepest invisible inner world, pass through the face on the surface and reach others to resonate while transmitting the inner voice.”

Meanwhile, announcing BTS Jimin’s solo album FACE, Big Hit earlier revealed that the singer will be seen doing various activities for the promotion of the album.


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