BTS’ Jimin displays dark visuals in the first concept photo for upcoming solo album FACE


Seoul: BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled the first set of concept photos for BTS’ Jimin’s upcoming solo album FACE and Jimin looks dashing in the leather jacket, black wet hair and serious smolder. This set of concept photos are called ‘Hardware Ver.’.

The second photo shows Jimin facing up with his eyes closed and it seems like he is in a photo while the third one shows Jimin in an interesting avatar, with thorns growing on the side of his face and neck.

Members of the ARMY were collectively losing their minds as soon as the concept photos dropped. Park Jimin was seen sporting silver studs lining up on his neck, going down his collarbone. With his black locks combed back, the BTS star gave a glimpse of multiple eyebrow and ear piercings. The vocalist is known for making the fans beg for mercy as he shows off his duality. This time was no exception.

Previously, BIGHIT MUSIC released the first mood teaser for the new album FACE. Jimin’s silhouette, standing alone in an empty room, is expressed in monotone and catches the eye. Just like the message of the new album ‘Face’, which contains the image of Jimin facing his true self, the mood photo draws the back of Jimin who wants to go somewhere, making him more curious about what kind of music he will show through this album.

Jimin’s first solo album ‘Face’ is an album that contains the story of fully facing himself and announcing a new beginning as an artist Jimin. The title song ‘Like Crazy’ is a synth pop genre, and Jimin’s mournful voice stands out with strong synth and drum sounds.



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