BTS Jimin attends Suga’s concert in USA to show support

New York: BTS member Suga is the first amongst Bangtan members to host a solo concert. Using his moniker, Agust D, Suga has embarked on a world tour following the release of his album, D-Day. D-Day marks Suga’s first official solo album. The album marks the end of a trilogy by Agust D (Agust D and D-2) which started in 2016.

One of the most exciting moments of the concert came when Suga introduced his fellow BTS member, Jimin, who happened to be in New York for the grand opening of Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store. Jimin, always supportive of his bandmates, decided to attend Suga’s show on the 29th to show his love and encouragement. As the audience erupted with cheers, Suga playfully reminded everyone to focus on him, jokingly stating, “This is my concert!”

Following the exhilarating performance, Suga connected with his fans through a live on Weverse, during which Jimin made a surprise appearance. The two members shared lighthearted banter, discussing the possibility of Jimin joining Suga on stage for a performance.

Jimin’s attendance at Suga’s concert sent fans into a frenzy, and the hashtag #Yoonmin quickly trended on Twitter. Suga later revealed during a Weverse Live session that Jimin had been with him before he took the stage, providing constant support and motivation. Suga couldn’t resist extending another invitation to Jimin, this time to perform their collaboration track, “Tony Montana,” together. Given their close bond, fans wouldn’t be surprised if the dynamic duo graced the stage together in future concerts.


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