BTS FESTA 2020: K-Pop Boy Band Shares Summer Version Of “Airplane Pt. 2”


Korea: This year’s Festa officially kicked off on June 1. On June 1 at midnight KST (Last night, at 8:30 PM IST), BTS released the “summer version” of their song “Airplane Pt. 2. The video was originally filmed in Saipan as part of the group’s 2018 summer package.

BTS celebrates their June 13th debut anniversary every year since 2014 with “Festa”, which is one to two weeks packed with exclusive BTS content.

In the video, the members jam to the song in brightly colored clothes at a pool resort.

“Airplane Pt. 2” was originally released as a b-sidetrack on BTS’s 2018 album “Love Yourself: Tear.”

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