BTS Delivers Speech On South Korea’s Youth Day, Gives Time Capsule To Prez Moon


Seoul: On the morning of September 19, K-pop band and international sensation BTS attended a special Blue House event commemorating South Korea’s very first National Youth Day.

With President Moon Jae In and first lady Kim Jung Sook in attendance, the seven BTS members delivered an address together as honorary “youth leaders.”

Each of the BTS members took turns speaking, with RM kicking things off by stating, “We want to convey our support for all of the youth who are continuously taking on new challenges all over the world, as well as all of the youth who are bravely leading their own lives in South Korea.”

Members of hugely popular K-Pop band talked about their “roller coaster” road to success and giving a message of hope for young people for the country’s first national Youth Day.

Standing at podiums before South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the seven members spoke in turn about persevering for years since their debut amid uncertainty, and runaway success in the last three years causing them to question their goals.

Members of BTS handed Moon a time capsule for future youth, in a purple box, to be opened in 19 years.

South Korea’s first-ever Youth Day was celebrated after a law on the rights and responsibilities of youth aged 19-34 was enacted last month

BTS scored Korea’s first-ever no. 1 hit on the main U.S. Billboard music chart last month with the group’s first all-English language single “Dynamite”, crowning a dizzing global rise to fame since a 2013 debut.

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