BTS And US President Joe Biden Share Video And Photos From Their Meeting At White House


Washington: U.S. President Joe Biden has shared a first glimpse of his private meeting at the White House with BTS.

On May 31 local time, BTS met with US President Biden in honor of AANHPI (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) Heritage Month. Ahead of their private meeting with the president, the BTS members made a special appearance at a White House press briefing, where they spoke about wanting to help put an end to anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination.

Later that evening, President Biden posted a brief clip of his meaningful meeting with BTS on the official POTUS Twitter account, writing, “It was great to meet with you, BTS. Thanks for all you’re doing to raise awareness around the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination. I look forward to sharing more of our conversation soon.”

In the newly released video, Biden tells the BTS members, “People care a lot about what you say, and what you’re doing is good for all people. It’s not just your great talent, it’s the message you’re communicating. It matters.”

Meanwhile, BTS shared a photo that they snapped with President Biden in the Oval Office, writing, “Thanks for having us at the White House! It was a huge honor to discuss important issues with [POTUS] today. We’re very grateful for [the BTS ARMY] who made it all possible.”


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