‘Brother and sister make love’ question in Pakistan university paper draws flak

A controversial question from a question paper in a Pakistan university about a brother and sister “making love” has shocked netizens on Twitter and sparked outrage.


Lahore: A university in Pakistan has come under sharp criticism over its controversial question paper. Islamabad-based COMSATS University in an English Composition and Comprehension question paper asked students to share their opinion about sex between brother and sister.

The students of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) were asked to write a 300-word essay on – ‘is it ok for brother and sister to make love?’ The screenshots of the question paper have been doing the rounds on several social media platforms, including Twitter, drawing the wrath of people.

The incident occurred in December last year at Comsat University Islamabad. But it surfaced only lately after somebody posted the controversial text with questions on social media.


According to the details, an English language lecturer teaching a class of BS Engineering took a surprise quiz on December 6, comprising a passage about a French brother and sister who make love while staying in a cabin on a beach during a summer vacation trip.

“What do you think about that? Was it ok for them to make love?” are some of the questions asked at the end of the passage.

The university after an internal inquiry on January 5 terminated the lecturer who was serving as a visiting faculty member and also blacklisted him for any future teaching engagements.

Additional Registrar of Comsat University, Naveed Khan, confirmed to the media that the lecturer had been dismissed after he admitted his fault during the probe.

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