Brazil prison massacre: At least 60 inmates dead


Rio de Janeiro: As many as 60 inmates have died during a bloody prison riot in the jungle city of Manaus in northern state of Amazonas in Brazil, state authorities said.

Amazonas security secretary Sergio Fontes has confirmed that the incident is probably the biggest prison massacre in the history of the country.

Besides the number of escapists are yet to be ascertained as the mutiny continued all day Sunday second half and up till Monday morning.

The recent uprising between two of the biggest crime drug gangs in the country is said to be main reason behind the massacre in the already overcrowded penitentiary system, authorities said.

Notably the latest clash broke out between inmates aligned with Sao Paulo based criminal gang (First Capital Command) and a local Manaus criminal gang known as North Family with the latter taking the war against the former on behalf of the Roi based Red Command drug group, the country’s second largest in a bid to garb power over the drug business.

Analysts have criticized the country’s overcrowded prison system as the main reasons behind such escapades and violence.

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